January 26, 2018

Wedding Photographer Peoria IL | Winter Maternity Session

Wedding Photographer Peoria IL | Winter Maternity Session

Sam and Jerrod are some of my favorite people. There, I said it. I know photographers aren’t supposed to pick favorites, but when you meet humans like these humans, it’s hard not to! When we first met to talk about their wedding almost exactly two years ago, I was 39 weeks pregnant with Ari, and kept having hot flashes during our meeting for coffee (I bet you can relate now, Sam). They talked about how Jerrod proposed on a beautiful fall day in a hot air balloon, we chatted about small farm town upbringings (I also grew up surrounded by corn fields), I learned there was this tiny town called Tuscola, and I was totally smitten by them. Since then I’ve gotten to know (and photograph!) a few of their friends, and I just love them all!

When they called me this past summer to let me know they were pregnant I actually squealed out loud! I’ve been looking forward this this session for months, and of course they killed it. I’m pretty certain that Sam is the most beautiful pregnant person there ever was! ???????? {scroll for proof}

Love you guys! ????


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