June 18, 2018

Photographer Peoria IL | Spring Engagement Session

Engagement Photographer Peoria IL | Spring Engagement Session

Remember how, in the Midwest, we typically have this season called spring? The first signs of green appear, trees are in bloom, it’s often rainy and the temps are in the 60s/70s… you know the drill. Yeah, this year we skipped that season almost entirely. It seems like we went from second winter straight into blazing sun and summer temps. Bethany and Mile had scheduled their session months ahead of time thinking we’d still be in that spring sweet spot, but instead it was almost 100 degrees by their 10AM session. ???? They stuck it out with me, and we all had a good laugh about how sweaty and sticky we were within about 5 minutes of leaving our cars. Bethany and Mile, if I may say so myself, never has melting into puddles looked so lovely! ????Excited to celebrate with you in much cooler weather this November!

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Thank you, Bethany and Mile, for choosing me to capture your love story.  November can’t get here fast enough! ????


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